New to digital twins? Here’s What You Need to Know

Digital Twins are digital representations of virtually everything we can imagine. From industrial machine, over cars, to critical infrastructures such as ports. Find out more about the current state-of-the-art of digital twins in our infographic!

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3 Pain Points Every Exporter Has

Humans have used containers for at least 100,000 years, and possibly for millions of years.[4] The first containers were probably invented for storing food,[4][5] allowing early humans to preserve more of their food for a longer time, to carry it more easily, and also to protect it from other animals.

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Twiddling green-thumbs: container shipping’s pending efficiency homework

The container shipping industry gets increasing attention because of its great contribution to climate change. While some actions to fight greenhouse gas emissions are trending in the media, such as the introduction of LNG powered vessels, there is lots of untapped potential hidden in inefficient container operations. This article sheds light onto this very room for improvement.

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