Handle With Care: the difference between damage and fragility in shipping containers

Nicholas Gallie
April 1, 2020

Shipping containers have a solid build and are, on the whole, well-adapted to a life at sea. Nonetheless, everything breaks down over time, and containers are no exception — an issue their owners are well aware of. However, a clear distinction has yet to be made between a container’s outward appearance and its essential condition; this article aims to shed some light on the concept of container “fragility” and its relevance to the supply chain.

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How To Start Your Change Process - The First Of Three Essentials

Dustin Steffens
March 13, 2020

In an industry that exposes all its parties to constant choice overload, it becomes challenging to stand out from the masses in a non-abusive way. The goal is to attract attention through excellence and innovativeness instead of exaggerated marketing. To get there you need change - with the right timing.

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Twiddling Green-thumbs: Container Shipping’s Pending Efficiency Homework

Nicholas Gallie
January 17, 2020

The container shipping industry gets increasing attention because of its great contribution to climate change. While some actions to fight greenhouse gas emissions are trending in the media, such as the introduction of LNG powered vessels, there is lots of untapped potential hidden in inefficient container operations. This article sheds light onto this very room for improvement.

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