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How you're affected

The public’s motivation and pressure to reduce carbon emissions are reaching new heights. In particular, the significant environmental effects of container shipping are catching more and more attention. Despite the urgency and importance of tackling climate change, most “eco-friendly” options on the market come at an extra cost to the shipper, and renouncing container shipping in its entirety is not economically viable for most exporters.
The economic advantages of container shipping cannot be ignored, but neither can its major ecological impact. Currently, reducing an organization’s ecological footprint comes at a high cost.
How can climate-conscious cargo owners ensure that their shipments meet their current/future environmental goals, without increasing expenditure?

How we help

ConexBird has the ability to reduce the shipping industry’s inefficiency, and by extension its emissions. Cargo owners can make a difference, by requesting and promoting the use of ConexBird’s services. Never again will you receive unsatisfactory containers, that have to be rejected and replaced. Additionally, ensure that all your shipments are as environmentally-friendly as possible. All this, without additional cost or risk on your behalf. Contact us to find out how we can collaborate on making shipping greener.

Your main advantages

Reduce the ecologic footprint of your logistics

Container shipping is taking on an increasingly prominent role in the media, in terms of its environmental impact. While on a small scale containerized shipping outperforms all other modes of transport in both financial and ecological measures, the sheer size of the industry means that it causes enormous damage to the environment; this is not helped by the persistence of various outdated practices, still in use within the industry. Specifically, a lack of insight into container conditions leads to major logistic inefficiencies, as damaged containers are frequently misdirected towards shippers who cannot safely use them.

No need to reject containers anymore - reduce callbacks

As an international exporter, the products you ship are the foundation of your business, so they deserve to be transported with the utmost care. The shipping containers used to transport goods must meet equivalent quality standards to the valuable cargo inside. Unfortunately, many containers currently in use around the world fail to meet these standards. The rejection of damaged containers wastes valuable time and can interrupt meticulously synchronized processes. Using a shipping line enhanced by ConexBird’s unique solution can ensure reliable delivery of suitable containers - no more unpleasant surprises.

What is a "callback"?

Cargo owners are naturally concerned about the condition of the containers they load their goods into. While shipping lines do attempt to meet individual client criteria, the short and ineffective manual container inspections often fail to spot structural flaws. Hence, containers are regularly rejected by cargo owners upon delivery, even though the shipping line considered them to be suitable and available. ConexBird can determine the precise condition of shipping containers, and thus help shipping lines provide individualized services to shippers looking to cross the high seas.

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