Container owners spend
more than 115 billion euros per year
on operating and repositioning their assets.

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ConexBird analyzes vibrations
to reduce costs, time, and emissions.


"A lot of damaged containers are being shipped around the world and they are not usable at their destination port. This should help with that dilemma. [...] I think our customers will benefit from getting precise answers in what condition the empty containers are when they arrive or leave from our terminal."
Dirk van Assendelft, CEO, MLT Vuosaari
"The benefit of this is that we can identify structural damages or cracks which are hidden for visual inspection. That is why we can ensure that the container is in a good shape to carry its load. [...] The best part of the whole thing is that it's like an add-on to existing equipment. [...] The whole idea is that it is a business as a service; no investment needed for the customer."
Hannu Oja, Vice President Technology, Konecranes


The Container Operator

Those who make things moving.

Investment free service with maximum impact. Generate more profits, reduce operating costs, and reduce your ecological footprint.

The Port Operator

Those who lift the heavy weights to other transport modes.

Groundbreaking innovation for your infrastructure. Offer even better services and become a future-proof smart port by enabling advanced analytics.

The Cargo Owner

Those who produce the precious goods.

Partner up and commit to a more environmentally friendly way of shipping your goods. Get in touch with us to make your shipping as advanced as your production.



We are ConexBird, a technology pioneer aiming to revolutionize the shipping industry.

In the woods of Finland, far enough from the seaside to think out of the box, our team of engineers and programmers combined aerospace inspired hardware and advanced analytical software to measure the exact condition of containers within seconds.

Our international team is constantly growing and found its way out of Finland with its latest presence in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


We apply state-of-the-art technology to transform container shipping into a greener as well as more profitable industry!

The industry is, partially, highly developed and extraordinarily well clocked, yet there still is tremendous room for improvement.

Due to the sheer amount of shipped containers, every efficiency gain is pivotal. With the business intelligence we offer, we reduce costs, time, and emissions.

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