Need data?

Globally, one in five shipping containers is damaged. Most of them are in free circulation with users unaware of their condition.
Don't lose money on bad information.


Know more.

Know more.

Vibration analysis and machine learning make all the difference.
ConexBird brings you the future of container intelligence.


Know more.

Need data?

Know more.

"A lot of damaged containers are being shipped around the world and they are not usable at their destination port. This should help with that dilemma. [...] I think our customers will benefit from getting precise answers in what condition the empty containers are when they arrive or leave from our terminal."
Dirk van Assendelft, CEO, MLT Vuosaari
“It’s exciting to be part of this project and to be one of the first terminals in the world to use it. This system will be a good fit for us, and a great complement to manual inspections. The shipping companies wants their containers to be in good condition, and this allows us to update them on that.”
Fredrik Rönnqvist, Managing Director, Yilport Gävle
"“ConexBird has developed a novel technology that addresses the needs of the vast and global shipping industry, both economically and environmentally. We are impressed by what the team has built so far — and look forward to their upcoming expansion and growth."
Peter Almberg, CEO & Founder, Katalysen & Partners


Box Owners

Shipping lines and leasing companies.

Know the true nature of your assets. Maximize your utilization with detailed, accurate insight into both individual boxes and entire fleets.

Box Handlers

Terminal and depot operators.

Know what's really being lifted at your quay. Access a new source of valuable information, enhancing your own operations and those of your clients.

Box Users

Cargo owners and freight forwarders.

Know what you're actually using to transport goods. Reduce risks and emissions by independently ensuring that your cargo is in safe hands.



ConexBird is a technological pioneer on a mission to revolutionize container logistics.

Inspired by NASA, our team has spent many years designing and developing a seamless union of hardware and software, which can measure the structural condition of shipping containers with unparalleled speed and precision.

Hailing from the deep forests of Finland, ConexBird has begun its global expansion by establishing an office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


We see the tremendous inefficiencies and environmental impact of container logistics, and we think we can make things better.

Our solution can simultaneously make container shipping faster, greener, more transparent and more profitable.

A major push for innovation is currently taking place across the transport sector, with data in demand like never before: we’d like to do our part to steer the sector towards a new horizon.

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