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How you're affected

With rising trade volumes, falling profit margins, and environmental conscientiousness restraining the need for growth, the shipping industry has been under increased pressure to improve its capacity and efficiency. Competition is at an all-time high on all levels.
With land at a premium, port operators are compelled to maximize their use of available space. Shrinking profit margins, indistinguishable port services and concerns over emissions further drive operators towards a more efficient use of their resources.
How can port operators offer advanced services to their clients whilst concurrently increasing revenue? How can ports simultaneously increase their capabilities, their efficiency and their profits?

How we help

Port operators can create a leading edge by offering novel insight into the condition of their clients’ containers, thus retaining and attracting business. Our oscillation solution reduces time, costs and emissions without damaging equipment or disrupting processes.

Your main advantages

New income stream and service offering

Container port operators and ConexBird create a partnership. The port operator grants access to the infrastructure and equipment required to measure the condition of each lifted container with the oscillation technology attached to the spreader. In turn, the operator receives a share of the generated revenue. Together, port operators and ConexBird provide a state-of-the-art solution that is extending the port operators service portfolio and is creating an added value for both parties and mutual clients.

Become a smarter port

The financial investment in increasingly connected and digitized container ports is at an all time high. Thus far, however, containers are still handled without much intelligence about their actual condition. This potentially leads, for instance, to unnecessary container movements, questionable workplace safety, and process inefficiencies. With immediate knowledge about the current condition of the container, risks and detour can be avoided.

Increased operational efficiency

The performance of container ports is commonly measured by the amount of throughput handled per year. The more time a container spends on the yard, the lower the throughput. Enabling advanced analytics by partnering with ConexBird can optimize yard processes. With more insight, containers can be moved directly to the right destination according to their condition with higher handling speed. Thus, bottlenecks can be resolved and throughput increases.

Improved space utilization

With land at a premium, container port operators are compelled to maximize their use of available space. With actionable information about the condition of containers the ConexBird technology aims to avoid unnecessary downtime of containers in the yard. Hence, a partnership turns to forward-thinking port operators who could better use their precious space than lock it up for unnecessarily parked containers.

Increased safety

The procedure of stacking containers has improved significantly in recent years. “Smart” stacking aims to prevent reach-stackers and other handling equipment from "digging" for containers that need to move on to their next destination. These solutions increase operational efficiency, yet they universally fail to consider one critical factor: the structural integrity of the containers being stacked. While the material damage resulting from collapsing container stacks is evident, it also represents a serious safety issue, which continues to claim lives within the industry. With ConexBird, you can ensure that weak, fragile containers are detected before being placed in unsafe locations: Smarter, safer stacking.

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