Original Research: ConexBird Feature Descriptions

Nicholas Gallie
Chief Operating Officer
January 3, 2023

ConexBird's unique container-measurement system impacts the world of container shipping in a plethora of different ways — we're pretty sure we haven't even discovered them all yet. However, for those use cases that we have figured out, it's essential for them to be rigorously demonstrable as valuable for optimization, emissions reduction and the other benefits we can offer.

In the end, real-world performance will be the ultimate arbiter of our system's value, and we expect to be sharing good news on this front over the course of the year. However, it's also important for the use cases we are exploring with the container shipping industry to have a solid theoretical grounding — not just for our technology's scientific viability (which has already been performed), but for its practical operational implementation. After all, inserting new knowledge and decision-making power into complex processes such as container flows can easily have consequences well beyond what was originally intended.

This is the rationale behind the Feature Description reports we have respectively prepared for two key sets of industry stakeholders:

  • Container owners: this includes shipping lines and container leasing companies, as well as NVOCCs and (to a lesser extent) freight forwarders. By using ConexBird's durability and availability information to reduce unproductive moves and improve fleet quality, container owners can reap substantial operational, commercial and environmental rewards.
  • Container handlers: terminal and depot operators. Beyond direct improvements in yard flow, ConexBird's system offers a critical new source of commercial opportunities and liability protection.

As you will see, the thorough research and substantive argumentation comprising our Feature Descriptions paint a clear picture: there are significant opportunities available to whoever adopts ConexBird's system, particularly for early movers who can gain (and possibly maintain) a lead on the container trading, handling and usage markets. We're happy to share this research with the container shipping community, not only for ConexBird's sake, but also as an inspiring example of how preliminary reseach into a simple concept can reveal truly groundbreaking (and valuable) possibilities for a supposedly mature industry.

We are very interested to hear your feedback on this research (which was internally compiled last summer): please reach out to us via our contact page to share your thoughts with us.

You can access the Feature Descriptions by clicking below:

Nicholas Gallie is ConexBird's Chief Operating Officer, and is focused on maximizing ConexBird's potential to transform container logistics by delivering tailored solutions to stakeholders across the intermodal supply chain.

Title photo credit: Chokniti Khongchum

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