A New Step Forward: bringing ConexBird to Jebel Ali

Nicholas Gallie
Chief Operating Officer
July 12, 2022
2 min read

Container analytics company ConexBird has developed and patented a solution to measure the physical condition of shipping containers, whilst they are being lifted by container cranes: this involves real-time resonance testing of each container during handling, with raw measurements being processed by machine learning software. The diverse types of information obtainable through ConexBird’s system can be used to address many of the information gaps and shortcomings affecting today’s containerized supply chains.

ConexBird has signed an agreement with global port and logistics operator DP World, to undertake a proof-of-concept (“POC”) project at Jebel Ali Port. This project consists of the installation and operation of ConexBird measurement equipment onto three STS cranes in operation at Jebel Ali, along with analysis and commercialization of the data thus obtained. ConexBird’s detailed digitalization of container conditions supports and complements many of DP World’s current business activities, and also creates new opportunities for growth within container logistics by allowing DP World themselves to provide container condition information to their shipping-line customers.

ConexBird expects the POC to demonstrate both the value its system brings to container shipping, as well as DP World’s capabilities to make the most of ConexBird’s solution. Teuvo Heikkilä, CEO of ConexBird, said of the project: “We are glad to have this opportunity to work with a leading player in the port and logistics sector. With our container condition insight, ConexBird’s goal is to help ports create new added value for themselves, for shipping lines and for other intermodal stakeholders, in order to make container shipping as smart, safe and sustainable as possible: we see in DP World an innovative, forward-thinking partner alongside whom this vision can become reality.”

Of particular interest is DP World’s central role within the intermodal logistics community in Jebel Ali, which paves the way for a coordinated, holistic approach to container condition management. Nicholas Gallie, COO of ConexBird, noted that “Shipping lines, land-side transport, depots and shippers alike will benefit from the cost savings, operational improvements and asset condition knowledge ConexBird and DP World can offer together. The Jebel Ali port ecosystem is a hotbed of innovation and technology, so is well poised to make the most of this new window into container insight.”

Boilerplate texts

DP WORLD: DP World is an integral part of the global supply chain, moving 10% of global trade through its seamless, interconnected global network of ports and terminals, economic and free zones, logistics hubs and marine services. DP World was established in 2005 and is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

CONEXBIRD: ConexBird was founded to address the inadequate quantity and quality of container condition knowledge, and to help intermodal stakeholders improve the efficiency and sustainability of their supply chains. By combining machine learning and cloud computing with its vibration-based container measurements, ConexBird is a specialist provider of data-driven container insight. ConexBird was founded by Teuvo Heikkilä in 2013: its headquarters in Finland were recently joined by the establishment of a commercial office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Nicholas Gallie is ConexBird's Chief Operating Officer, and is focused on maximizing ConexBird's potential to transform container logistics by delivering tailored solutions to stakeholders across the intermodal supply chain.

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