With our cargo service
you know your cargo's
status when it matters the most.

The new era of
smart harbors

Remove the worst bottlenecks
from harbors and offer better
service for your customers.


Improve your efficiency,
boost your algorithms and
create new lines of products.

Do you handle containers?

Sign up for Conexbird Wind partnership for a new flow of revenue!

Join the Conexbird Wind partners and get provision for all the data you provide. We’ll install our devices into your existing equipment so you need no extra resources or investments.

For Cargo Owners

Conexbird Wave is the revolutionizing service for every cargo owner. With the Wave you will know the exact status of your cargo at every handling point to make it possible for you to react faster and serve your customers better.

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For Container Handlers

Conexbird Wind is the way to make your container handling smarter than ever. The Wind makes your container flow faster by providing accurate condition data of any container in matter of seconds, or even better, before the container reaches you.

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Data Products

Data is the greatest enabler of today’s world. Conexbird Analytics provides access to all of the data collected with Conexbird’s services. The data can be enriched, analyzed or divided into any kind of partitions.

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About Conexbird

We’re specialized in sea containers. But we don’t want to move or lift them - we want to collect the most needed data from them and provide it to you. Conexbird works for solutions, not selling devices. We’ll help you to:

  • improve your business efficiency
  • serve your customers better
  • take the lead on competitors
  • reduce emissions during transport

I'm really grateful that I have so flexible and energetic team with me. All of us are committed to a common goal and we work hard every day to achieve it. I couldn’t wish for a better job or better team.

Teuvo Heikkilä, CEO, Conexbird Ltd

Latest News

Conexbird chosen for Horizon 2020 01.12.2015

Conexbird is proud and excited to announce participation in the Horizon 2020 phase one as one of the world’s most innovative ideas in the enormous industry...

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Conexbird joins the Container Owners Association 25.11.2015

Container Owners Association, also know as COA, is the international organisation representing the common interests of all owners of freight containers...

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Conexbird brings artificial intelligence to loading docks in Finland 25.9.2015

Together with Multi-Link Terminals Ltd. Oy Conexbird is building the first port in the world that uses intelligent container cranes to optimize container flow...

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Multi-link Terminals Ltd. Oy has joined Conexbird Wind partner group 25.8.2015

Conexbird welcomes Multi-Link Terminals Ltd. Oy to the group of Conexbird Wind partners...

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