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Container Fleet Optimization

Investment free service provides highly valuable information for you to make optimized decisions. Conexbird's unique technology detects the condition and the risk level of each individual container. Our solution is installed on cranes which allows cost-effective and hassle-free deployment of your container fleet.

Service Benefits

Find Fragile Containers

Avoid unnecessary empty container maintenance and container stacks. Based on the received information, one can determine whether the container should be reused or recycled. This enables higher quality for customers by decreasing their operational costs

Avoid Expensive Callbacks And Repair Costs

The costs of repairing a container vary in different continents and countries. With the information about each container's condition, you avoid empty container callbacks and high container repair cost.

Speed Up The Process Of Reusing Containers

Utilize your resources to the maximum, reduce waiting time and do more with your containers. Our services replace traditional human-dependent estimations, thus, less time is needed to get the containers back on track.

Better Cargo Insurance Terms

The condition of the container affects directly to the safety of the cargo. Give your cargo client access to a better cargo insurance terms. You get more cargo to be carried.

Container Benefits For Cargo Owners

Get more cargo to be carried. Increased safety and better cargo insurance terms for your cargo client

Empty Container ReUse Risks


Empty Container ReUse Speeding up

Avoid unnecessary resources and waiting time and do more with your empty containers
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