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Project Cargo Securing

Insurance costs will be reduced when cargo is secured in a good quality container. Conexbird’s service guarantees increased container and lashing quality with our patented technology. The technology combines novel vibration measurements and artificial intelligence.

Cargo Securing Benefits

Ship Cargo Safely To The Destination

Conexbird's system provides security by analyzing the condition of each container and your shipment's lashing. Before the loading starts, the system takes a few seconds to make sure the container is sound. When the container is loaded, the same system checks the quality of the lashing. All the results are immediately visible to the responsible personnel.

Gain Savings From Insurance Costs

Conexbird cooperates with multiple insurance companies and insurance brokers. By increasing the safety of your shipments, we'll help you to get better insurance deals.

Smaller Cargo CO2 Footprint

When shipments stay intact, no unnecessary waste is created and there's no need for reshipments.

Get More Satisfied Customers

More reliable transportation keeps you on schedule and cuts off the unpleasant surprises.

The Novelty Of The Method

Similar vibration analysis methods are widely used for checking the safety of buildings, bridges and large-scale machinery (e.g., compressors, turbines, or pumps). Hence, the method is well developed, but it has not been used to control cargo until now. The analysis of vibration patterns gives unique insights and reveals information on the transportation unit, enables to check the integrity of the lashings and confirms the quality of the cargo handling and loading phases.

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