Meet Our Team

Our best feature? We disagree on many things - and that is why we always come up with the best solution.

Teuvo Heikkilä

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Teuvo is an innovator with a mind of an engineer. There are always new ideas flowing - and the best of all - they come with straight solutions and flowcharts. Also a junior ice hockey coach.

Kimmo Laakkonen

Chief Operating Officer, Co-founder

Kimmo is an entrepreneur for life. There's nothing that can surprise him and he doesn't leave a stone unturned when he’s up to something. Extremely easy to talk to.

Janne Juhala

Chief Technology Officer

Janne is a true multitasker. From a little kid Janne has been building anything from Legos to software. Janne sees problems as challenges - this attitude always drives him to a solution. Janne is also a passionate photographer.

Niko Polvinen

Business Development Officer

Niko is an young business mind with great software know-how. Niko sees business and technology as a pair - business requires new technologies and technology requires business intelligence to break trough. Relaxes at the gym.

Mikko Hyvönen

Software developer

Mikko is a cloud expert, a software professional with expertise especially in back-end solutions. Outside work Mikko enjoys designing and playing board games, conquering Oulu on his bicycle and cooking (followed by eating).

Risto Soukka Team Picture

Risto Soukka

Mechanical Engineer

Risto is a real hardware professional who is able to build up almost anything. Risto has a great “try and learn” attitude. During the summer months you can catch a sight of Risto cruising on his speedboat.