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Often two things combined into one make even greater success than those would have achieved alone. That’s why we have an open mind for all kinds of partnerships from us providing you data to you selling our services with provision. You have innovations that could work with ours? You think we could achieve something even greater together? We should go for it and together be the ones to make a difference.

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Do You Handle Cargo or Containers?

Sign up for Conexbird partnership for a new flow of revenue!

Every cargo and container handler such as warehouse or port operator has the possibility to become a partner with Conexbird Ltd. and to start receiving additional flow of revenue. Let us integrate the automatic intelligence into your processes and be a part of the new era of environment friendly logistics.

Usage commission

When partners use the service to serve an end customer, they are rewarded with direct comission from the information's price when the information is handed to the end users. It’s the perfect way to gain advantage over competitors with a new flow of revenue.

Sales commission

If you handle cargo or containers, you have the customers we want. You can sell our service as your add-on service to serve your customers better and gain sales commissions for every single new client.

In practice

The devices are as automated as possible and this means you won't need to do almost any new work to use them. The devices come for free from Conexbird with free training and installations. If something gets broken, we'll repair it.

Something else in mind?

We are always open for new possibilities. Check if some case below matches you or contact us with your unique proposition.

Business partners

Join the Conexbird team and help us expand our network. The more you achieve, the more you gain. We’ll help you with sales and marketing material to kick-start your work and you can just keep doing what you do best.

Technology partners

Conexbird has patented technologies including cargo handling force detection, artificial intelligence camera system, vibration-based condition detection of containers, cargo and lashing, and more. We have an open mind for any suggestions for partnership. Connecting our technology into something else, or integrating something else into our service could make huge changes. Please contact us, if you have any ideas how to make this happen.

Data partners

Data is the gold of the 21st century. Conexbird can provide you accurate data from our Cloud or we could combine our data into a whole new service. We can provide data in multiple different formats and it can be enriched and filtered just the way you like. Let’s change the world together.

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