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  • Posted 22.2.2017

Conexbird and Transval revolutionize cargo’s binding security with new technology

As the first logistics operator in the world Transval deploys technology utilizing learning artificial intelligence to confirm and secure loading and lashing operations. The artificial intelligence further enhances the safety of the cargo during transportation and raises the likelihood of cargo to stay intact.

The service and new technology is especially aimed to bring benefits for the cargo owner but every party involved will benefit from the raising security. Without unwanted surprises the projects will be completed within their schedules, money and environment are saved and long wanted competitive edge is brought to the Finnish industries.

During the year 2017 the availability of the service is expanded and provided for new customers. While widening the availability of the service it is optimized for new kinds of cargo to which Transval is actively looking for interested exporting companies.

“Transval is looking for better and wider added value services to be offered to our customers. It’s important that we stay on the cutting edge of technology and constantly bring new services to the market. It’s great to be the first company in the world to bring this Finnish advanced technology to our customers”, describes Transval’s Project Director Janne Tossavainen.

The technology is launched in cooperation with Finnish Conexbird Ltd. “Conexbird has patented and developed this technology for a few years now. It’s great to find a positive response to our thoughts from Transval who also provides excellent use cases for our technology. Our cooperation has been brilliant”, says the CEO of Conexbird, Teuvo Heikkilä.

To secure the shipments Transval utilizes Conexbird’s mobile application packed with intelligent picture analyse capabilities and a specific tool based on vibration technology. Making use of vibration analysis the device evaluates the tightness of the shipment’s binding and detects changes like movement of the cargo or loosening of a binding chain.

  • Posted 26.9.2016

Conexbird Wave customized for warehouses is now ready for action!

We’re proud to tell you that after a highly successful testing period in Kotka Harbour, Finland our service meets the requirements set earlier this year!

We are more than excited to provide this advantage to warehouses. Why? This is the first time in the history of the world when this kind of solution, which combines IoT and artificial intelligence, is available for logistics operators. If we look two years back - this could be done technically, but it wouldn’t be economically viable.

The technology has been hardened in a real environment and we have made hundreds of tweaks (small and bigger ones). Biggest improvements have been made in the physical implementation of the service. A few devices took a little damage during the journey but it was all worth it! It’s all clear now - we are the first company in world that can provide such a comprehensive solution for cargo safety.

We are starting deliveries of warehouse-tailored Wave during fall 2016.

Get your own Conexbird Wave offer now and contact

  • Posted 01.12.2015

Conexbird chosen for Horizon 2020

Conexbird is proud and excited to announce participation in the Horizon 2020 phase one as one of the world’s most innovative ideas in the enormous industry of logistics and transport. European commission has provided their trust and help for Conexbird to start the development of world’s first truly intelligent shipping routes. Horizon 2020 provides 70% of the funding needed for this first phase project.

In the phase one project’s goal is to identify market, organize feasibility study and find the partners needed for these smart routes to become reality. The visio behind the smart shipping route is clear, more information enables better decisions. With accurate information from the shipping containers, freight and the shipment’s lashing everyone in the industry is able to optimize their work.

Join us and be a part of this smart shipping revolution.

EU This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 710295

  • Posted 25.11.2015

Conexbird joins the Container Owners Association

Container owners association also know as COA is the international organisation representing the common interests of all owners of freight containers. With heavy focus on efficiency, safety and sustainability the organization aims to help the owners of shipping containers and the whole maritime industry.

Conexbird has joined the organization as service provider with unique offerings to the members of the COA providing all the three key aspects of the organization. Conexbird will be attending the events and seminars organized by the COA so come and meet us there to hear more about the services.

  • Posted 25.9.2015

Conexbird brings artificial intelligence to loading docks in Finland

Together with Multi-Link Terminals Ltd. Oy Conexbird is building the first port in the world that uses intelligent container cranes to optimize container flow. Conexbird OnFly systems will be installed into the container crane of MLT Kotka port in Kotka, Finland.

Conexbird OnFly will provide accurate real time data and information about the condition of the containers. The data is immediately synced into the Conexbird Cloud to make it instantly accessible all over the world.

The patented system will automatically alert required parties if needed and with web-based user interface the condition information can be simultaneously accessed by every container handler at the port and can be send in seconds to any other relevant party.

This will enable operations such as recalling badly damaged containers instantly, dropping the lift count of a single container, and generating extremely important data for all parties in the business. These include insurance companies, depots, cargo owners, container owners, and more.

As partner of Conexbird Wind, MLT Kotka is now part of the future of internet of things, artificial intelligence and big data a reality, already today. Wind can be easily fitted into any port operator’s or container depot’s workflow to fasten container flow and to give advantage over others.

Conexbird Wind can be integrated into any container hub, port or depot. Higher efficiency in ports and container depots will, for instance, lower lift counts, radically decrease the distance driven with container stackers and equivalent container handling devices, lower the amount of unnecessary shipments of badly damaged containers and more.

  • Posted 1.7.2015

Conexbird is accepted to be a member of Cleantech Finland

We are proud to be a member of this group of world’s best Cleantech companies. In this group we will help our customers to minimize the carbon footprint of container logistics for cleaner and better future.

Solving the world’s greatest problems
Solutions to environmental and energy-efficiency problems. Top cleantech experts to partner with or invest in. A vibrant network of the world’s cleantech elite. That’s Cleantech Finland.

  • Posted 17.3.2015

MCY has selected Conexbird Wings to streamline their container receiving capacity

MCY will start using Conexbird inspection service to streamline their container inspections. They selected Conexbird Wings device to be used in their depots in Helsinki and Kotka. “We found it useful to be able to check the container floor and frames within seconds. The Conexbird Wings device is easy to move to the point, where the containers are. The accurate inspection has proved to be a competitive advantage when dealing with container owners.” The use of the Conexbird service will start in May 2015.

Oy Marine Container Yard Ab (MCY) is a private container depot business founded in 1979. MCY depots provide services in Helsinki Vuosaari Harbour Centre and Mussalo Kotka. As the oldest depot service company in Finland, we constantly strive to provide our customers with good and flexible service. Our knowledge and professional skills are backed up by 40 employees with many years working experience in our companies. Our customer-oriented approach targets to the flexible service and the rapid response to our customers’ requirements.

  • Posted 3.11.2014

Conexbird Oy has been selected to slush 100 pitching competition

In the Slush 100 pitching competition 100 companies will get to pitch on stage on Nov 18th 2014. Conexbird will be pitching on the Yellow stage at 14:50. You are welcome to see us there.

At the same time Conexbird has been selected to Slush TOP 100 companies list. The list features 100 most promising early-stage companies attending Slush 2014. (

  • Posted 10.9.2014

Proof of consept

We have just measured more than 100 empty containers with our newest version of Conexbird measured device in port of Vuosaari.

The results show that Conexbird system can find the containers that are damaged. With these results we are able to start the pilot use of the system in empty container inspection.

In other measurement tests we have proved that the system can recognize if the cargo has changed or the cargo has moved.

  • Posted 14.2.2014


TEKES and ELY-Center has granted a remarkable support for Conexbird R&D and business development work. Reasons says that the project has a great unique value.

The grants are used to finalize the Conexbird vibration measurement device and to plan and start executing international business.

  • Posted 22.12.2013

Product development work starts

Conexbird raised the first financing round and will move from planning stage to the product development work. Conexbird is proud to have new team members and a new know-how from new investors Butterfly, Owen Greeson and Kimmo Laakkonen.

Butterfly opinion for the investment were: Product that fits the existing logistics chain and processes with large market, clear cost saving value proposition, advanced business model and technologically unique solution with strong IP.

  • Posted 22.11.2013

Signed a reference customer agreement

Conexbird have signed a reference customer agreement with Arctic Container Oy. Agreement includes test use of the Conexbird vibration measurement device in empty container inspection.

The test use will start at June 2014.

Arctic Container Oy operates 3 container depots in port of Vuosaari, port of Kotka-Hamina and port of Rauma. They inspect 15 000 empty containers per month.