Conexbird Wind

Conexbird’s patented service for empty container flow optimizing. Conexbird Wind removes the worst bottlenecks from repositioning optimizing and harbors by providing accurate information about the container's structure faster and easier than ever before. This makes it possible for you to speed up the flow of both damaged and sound containers.

The service can be integrated into any container handling device like cranes and stackers, but also as standalone device to be used anywhere and anytime. All this happens automatically with no need for investments or extra resources.

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Faster than ever

Conexbird’s service provides accurate information about any container's condition in a matter of seconds. It’s possible to even know the condition before the container reaches your depot.

The Cloud

Makes it faster and easier to ask permissions from container owners with the help of Conexbird Cloud. Just provide the correct link and the owner gets access to all the photos and data they need to make the decision.

Optimize workflow

Handle even more containers without increasing resources. Containers can be checked on a truck chassis, on the ground or during the regular lift with any existing container lifting device. No need for more resources, larger areas or investments.

Improved Repositioning

Repositioning based on condition and mechanical age of the container gives a huge advantage. Ship your containers directly to the right place. This information can be received from everywhere with our easy-to-use system.

More accurate condition grades

Manage your containers with accurate condition grades that are created and categorized by the real strength of the container’s structure. Use the containers to the best possible use case.

Green operating

With decreased lifts and shipments for repositioning in addition to more efficiency in choosing the best containers for any use case the amount of emissions can be lowered greatly.

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The technology

The software and the hardware are included in the service.

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