Knowledge like never before

Improve your efficiency, boost your algorithms, create new lines of products. With Conexbird Analytics you get access to unique data from the shipping industry, the shipping containers and more. This data can be enriched and sculpted the way you like to help you improve the performance across your business. So start knowing more now and hop on board the revolution.

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The data is collected from every Conexbird’s device all over the world and gathered into the Conexbird Cloud to be analyzed and shared.

  • Containers

    Extremely accurate data about containers and their conditions from all over the globe. Know the mechanical ages, typical types of damage and much more from every container.

  • Cargo

    All around the world, every bit of information about your cargo's condition and its shipping is saved, analyzed and available to you.

  • Handlings

    Overview of all the containers handled all over the world. Know the big picture and zoom into anything interesting.

  • Metadata

    Every measurement we get provides additional data from locations, timestamps, routes and more. Notice the trends at the beginning, not when it’s over.

For Cargo Owners

Keep your customers pleased and your products safe all the way by knowing the optimal ways of shipping them.

Select the right route

With more accurate information from the containers handled everywhere, you'll get to choose the best route for your cargo.

Satisfied customers

Optimize everything to always bring your products to the customer in perfect condition. Prevent unnecessary reclamations.

More is less

Generate more revenue by reducing losses and emissions. Make the journey from the factory to the customer even cleaner for a Green Future.

Conexbird Analytics Dashboard

For Container Owners

Optimize everything by knowing the actual condition of every container you own.

Improve Repositioning

Find the best routes and locations for all types of containers. Optimize repositioning with the knowledge of every container’s condition and accurate information of every location's specific risks.

More accurate condition grades

Manage your containers with accurate condition grades created and categorized by the real strength of container’s structure. Use the containers to the best possible use case and location.

Green operating

By optimizing every container's handling, repositioning and conditions this industry’s carbon footprint can be decreased considerably. This can make a great change for our environment.

Conexbird Analytics Dashboard

For System Vendors

Combine our unique data with your systems to know even more.
If you're interested in a Win-Win setup, check out the partners page.

Lower insurance bills

Extremely accurate data, with no place for human errors, will be provided to insurance companies to lower your bills.

Improve optimization

Ship your containers directly to the right place. Repositioning and optimizing that is based on the condition and the mechanical age of the container gives a huge advantage.

Container Condition Grades

Manage your containers more accurately into correct condition classes. Use the containers to the best possible use case.

For Terminal Operators

Raise your efficiency to a whole new level by optimizing everything with unique data.
Also be sure to check out our partners page for a new flow of revenue!

Optimization inside

With better information of containers handled in your harbor you can serve your customers even better and optimize the handling of every container.

Optimize traffic

Through Conexbird’s data you will gain knowledge of the containers arriving to, and leaving your harbor. This allows you to remove any bottlenecks and handle the containers faster and more efficiently.

More satisfied customers

Handle informing your customers much easier and faster. Easier for you and easier for the customer. The perfect tools to dealing with all the information and keeping clients happy.

For Officials

Bring the supervision to a new era of precise results for every single shipment.

Better coverage

With information from changed cargo and condition data from all the containers, officials can expand the coverage of their supervision.

Precise results

With no place for human error, corruption or variation, the exact results can be received anywhere and anytime.

Higher efficiency

Start working with higher efficiency when you know what containers to open. Conexbird's services make it possible to handle greater flow of containers than ever before.

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