Conexbird Wave

Conexbird’s patented service for cargo controlling is guaranteed to raise your profit margin. The service provides access to the exact condition of cargo during loading and even from the ports the cargo passes through. This allows you to make decisions faster and more accurately based on knowledge and provide more value to your customers.

Conexbird Wave = Competitive advantage for everyone responsible for any cargo

Conexbird Wave

New pricing available

Do you deal with paper or board rolls? Now you have an unseen opportunity to take your competitive advantage to the next level!

Conexbird's service automatically checks the bottom of every lifted roll to make your customers even more satisfied. No more stones, nails, scratches or any other problems with your roll bottoms!

Equipment: ~97€ / month with a 36 month leasing contract
Service: 280.00€ / month

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Service kits

Choose the desired combination for your specific needs and we'll do the rest. All required devices, training and user interfaces are included.

Starter Kit

The easy claims

The Starter Kit can be seen as the perfect documentation about the handling of cargo. With photos from all sides of every parcel it's easy to know what has happened, when, where any why. Claims are easier than ever.

Saves you from the hassle of multiple emails back and forth, most of the research required and makes sharing the information to your insurance company as easy as a click of a mouse.

Loading Kit

Even higher profits

The Loading Kit takes the service's benefits to the next level by alerting in real time if something has gone wrong during the loading process. It will stop the shipping of damaged cargo altogether and significantly reduces cargo damages to generate even higher profits for you.

Securing Kit

Safe transportation

One of the most common hazards during shipping is the failing of the lashing and securing of the cargo. The Securing Kit gives accurate information about the cargo's lashing, placement of the cargo and about all the things you currently do to secure your cargo. The service alerts the loading personnel in real time with the probability of safe transportation.

Virtual Seal Kit

Faster reactions

It has been impossible to know the condition of your shipment during transportation. The Virtual Seal Kit will provide you with the information about the exact condition of your shipment from the ports it goes through during its journey - without opening the container or delaying it in any way. With this information you can start your required processes immediately if something has gone wrong.

Unloading Kit

More information for better processes

The Unloading Kit will monitor the unloading process by saving photos and the handling forces of the cargo. This provides additional information for an even easier and more simple claim process and can be used to detect bottlenecks and process improvements.

Empty Container Kit

The container matters

The condition of the container is a significant player in the probability of a safe transport. With the Empty Container Kit you can get the condition information from the nearest container depot or directly at the warehouse in just a few seconds. The service tells whether it's safe to use the container and saves the information for further use.

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How it's done

A patented technology is the base for Conexbird’s industry revolutionizing services. The technology includes vibration data gathering to detect the structure of any container, the state of the cargo inside and the quality of the lashing. The technology also makes use of an advanced camera system that provides accurate photos from every parcel during the loading process.

These technologies combined with state of the art software and artificial intelligence running inside Conexbird’s cloud service provides all the information about the state of your cargo.

The technology

All software and hardware is included in the service.

Picture analyzation

For the first time ever Conexbird makes it possible to detect damages from cargo during the handling. Conexbird's artificial intelligence analyzes pictures in real-time to detect hazards, damages and possibly harmful processes.

The system learns to be more and more accurate by use and will detect things like bad securing or damages to the container.

Vibration analyzation

Conexbird has patented the unique way of using vibration to detect the condition of a shipping container in just a few seconds. The result is much more accurate than any inspection made by human, it even tells the mechanical age of the container's metal structure. The container is knocked, vibration is collected and given to artificial intellegence to be analyzed.

Besides knowing the exact condition of the shipping containers the vibration analyzation can be used to detect hazards during the handling of the cargo. The system alerts the forklift driver in real time if a hazard is detected.

Software tools

Conexbird's innovations are not limited to artificial intelligence and automation. It's always best to develop solutions for the real needs of a customer. And that's how Conexbird's software tools have been created.

There are easy-to-use mobile applications, simple browser based user interfaces and more. Every application has been made together with the users to guarantee it's just as it should be.

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