Security like you've never experienced before

Conexbird’s patented service for flat rack container cargo controlling brings a whole new dimension to cargo security. With the service you can always be sure that your flat rack container shipments are in perfect condition when you send them out into the world.

Conexbird Check = Unseen security for your flat rack container shipments

Conexbird Check app

Easy-to-use artificial intelligence at your fingertips

Conexbird Check mobile app is the beating heart of the service. The application can be used with any smartphone.

Here you will find all your flat rack container shipments and the information about them. You can add notes and take photos. All information is sent to the secure Conexbird Check cloud for safekeeping.

The cloud is also the home of Conexbird's artificial intelligence, the brains of the service. When you use the Check app to take a picture of the lashing of your shipment, our AI will analyze it and tell you whether the flat rack container is good to go. When the shipment has been completely secured, the results will be saved into the cloud so you can always go back to them.

Virtual Seal

Use the technologies of today to secure your shipments

Conexbird Check provides you with a completely new security element in shipping. We call it the Virtual Seal.

Check comes with a device that uses vibration technology to determine the securing of your shipment. The system first makes sure the lashing of your cargo is tight and secure. The system then stores the unique state of the shipment and converts it into a Virtual Seal. The shipment can then be checked at any later stage. Conexbird Check knows the state of your shipment when it was in perfect condition and uses artificial intelligence to immediately tell whether something has changed in the shipment (loosened lashing, some cargo is missing etc.)

The virtual sealing device is operated easily with the Check mobile app.

The technology

Picture analyzation

Just take pictures to be sure of the security of your shipment! Conexbird's artificial intelligence analyzes pictures in real-time to detect hazards, damages and possibly harmful processes.

The system learns to be more and more accurate by use and will raise your securing to a whole new level.

Vibration analyzation

Conexbird has patented the unique way of using vibration to make a Virtual Seal of your shipment in just a few seconds. The result is much more accurate than any inspection made by human. The container is knocked, vibration is collected and given to artificial intellegence to be analyzed.

Besides knowing the exact condition of shipment the vibration analyzation can be used to detect hazards during the handling of the cargo.

Software tools

Conexbird's innovations are not limited to artificial intelligence and automation. It's always best to develop solutions for the real needs of a customer. And that's how Conexbird's software tools have been created.

There are easy-to-use mobile applications, simple browser based user interfaces and more. Every application has been made together with the users to guarantee it's just as it should be.

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